Making a Mono-Print

"Painting is like loving yourself - it's never too late to start." - A. Fono

Private or group classes are individually scheduled for your convenience. Please call 650-868-4171 to make an appointment.

Arrive with your enthusiasm and open mind. Andrea will supply all art materials needed.

For the first 15 minutes, Andrea will demonstrate how quick and simple monoprinting is. She will paint on a small piece of plexi-glass and then run it through the press to show you the entire process.

Mono-print Step 1

1. Create a palatte of your favorite colors.

Mono-print Step 2

2. Develop the plexiglass plate surface using brayers and brushes.

Mono-print Step 3

3. Remove and add details with fingers, rags and brushes.

Mono-print Step 4

4. Align the freshly-painted plate onto the press bed.

Mono-print Step 5

5. 600lbs. of pressure is applied to transfer the image to paper.

Mono-print Step 6

6. Pull the paper to reveal your completed piece of art.