Andrea Fono's work is distinguished by qualities of lightness and ease. She has a strong interest in the intrinsic power of line, colour and language. Simple thematic elements like stars, leaves and blossoms symbolize the universality of nature as well as the commonality of our experiences.

Andrea also makes abstract works in oil or acrylic on canvas, as well as watercolors which combine dream images and text. She is perhaps best known for her work with monoprints, a unique process to which she brings to bear her thirty years of visual inquiries.

In her own words: "A monoprint is an original painting traditionally created with oil inks on a plexiglass plate. Many tools-- including one's fingers-- are deployed to add and subtract colors and drawing from the surface before the image is transferred to paper via a hand-cranked printing press. My favorite way to describe monoprints or monotypes is to say they are the one-night-stand of the print world. There is just one like it. As someone who revels in spontaneity and textural experimentation, it is the most exciting of print mediums."

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