"I'm having a friggin' ball!"
Wendy, founder of, Colorado

"How lucky for Kathleen & I that I stumbled on your wonderful studio during my morning walk. Our "30" (haha) minute lesson was the highlight of our holiday. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us."
Anne Marie & Kathleen, Toronto, ON

"Creativity at its most effective."
Martha, San Carlos, CA

"The space of magic."
Barbara, New York, NY

"We had a wonderful time. We will always define our San Francisco vacation by this creative experience. Thank you."
Brian and Natasha, Cranston, Rhode Island

"Everyone should experience this."

"Here's a fun thing to do while you're in San Francisco. I took my family (me, my husband, and four kids, ages 7, 9, 11, and 14) to Fono Art, where we all made our own monoprints, coached by artist Andrea Fono, in her studio. Andrea was bustling and full of positive energy as she coached each of us, finding and nurturing the creative talent in each of us. She helped us create some wonderful and personal art to take home with us."
Karen, Menlo Park, CA

"I am a 'flower lover', so I love Andrea's art. I wanted to be just like her, but, after my first class, it was obvious that I am not Andrea Fono who creates frolicking flowers with ease. However, she (lovingly) helped me find MY voice, MY theme, and the ability to create painted art i feel proud of. She has helped me realize the artistry that is truly within me. She'll help you too."
Jill, Atherton, CA

"At 83 years old, I was able to draw upon past art experiences to express myself together with Andrea's spontaneous methods. She made me feel comfortable, and as a result, 'things' just flowed. I created beautiful mono-types that my family now enjoys. Andrea is a delight, and infinitely inspiring."
Jackie, Palo Alto, CA

"When I saw Andrea's pictures for the first time, I was impressed and decided to take her classes. The process of changing my ideas and sketches into the mono-prints is very wonderful."
Yuko Yuasa, Santa Clara, CA